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Get ready to enter a new era of communications. Where International calling will no more be about half a meter long phone bills and where conversations won’t be broken into 5 parts due to call-drops. An era that promises to be a landmark in the history of communications. The era of airtel VoIP.
VoIP services from airtel saves your calling cost using the IP network rather than following the traditional network to transmit phone calls. Our extensive MPLS network allows you to make calls across the globe with 100% voice clarity. Moreover, a free of cost soft phone adds just the right dash of style to it.
Services Offered
International outbound/ Off net calling with connectivity to PSTN network across the Globe (Except domestic PSTN, India)
CUG/On net calling, wherever airtel has network presence
Customer premises equipment options
»Soft phone
»IP phone
»IAD (Integrated Access Device)
What you get
»3 way call conferencing
»CUG calling
»Call hold facility
»Speed dialing
»Do not disturb facility
»Automatic call back feature
»Redial feature
»Call waiting
»Call forwarding
»Caller ID facility
How it benefits you
»Low rate CUG and international calls
»PSTN termination available acros the globe
»Requires no change in the dialing pattern
»QoS facility for prioritization of VoIP for reliable, business quality voice
»24x7 service support with trouble ticket reporting
»One-stop-shop for voice and data requirements
»End-to-end network owned and operated by airtel
»All international destinations available


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Blogger Tips and TricksLatest Tips And TricksBlogger Tricks