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Blogger Tips and TricksLatest Tips And TricksBlogger Tricks is a free voip and internet nationwide, international calling service to global destinations. Callarc will allow you to make free international calls to and from countries around the world such as USA, Canada, UK, India, China, and Mexico. You will be able to make free voip and internet phone calls, free mobile phone calls, and even free calls via a local access number. Our free voip and internet calling service can be used to make free calls to friends and family around the world.

CallArc Website
Register and Logon to the CallArc website. Select from your contact list or use the dial pad and call anyone for free.

Iphone/IPod/IPad/Android/Symbian and other Smart Phones
Download CallArc to your mobile device. Open the CallArc application. Select from your contacts and call for free


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  1. If you are tired to pay significant phone bills, there are methods which can save your budget. Now IP-phone is one of the cheapest and convenient means of communication. With IP you can save your money. Voip providers. The most important IP-phone is that calls to the majority of the countries are free. For example, China, Germany, Canada, Switzerland and other worldwide countries.

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Blogger Tips and TricksLatest Tips And TricksBlogger Tricks